Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You know where you are with a Pit Bull Terrier

As a veteran dog-hater, I've always preferred Pit Bull Terriers to Alsatians. You know that Pit Bulls are lethal and unreasonable. Alsatians, on the other hand, are like time-bombs.

At least you know where you are with a Pit Bull.

On the same grounds, I'd argue that Simon Jenkins is a much nastier contributor to public life than, say Richard Littlejohn, Bruce Anderson or Melanie Phillips. Whereas the latter three are objectionable in every way, Jenkins cloaks a terrifically reactionary agenda in honeyed tones that fail to even excite the bulk of the lumpen-intelligencia that read him regularly in The Guardian.

Take your eye off him for a minute and he's quietly introducing demands for a form of populism that elevates journalists to a level of power that no political actors have ever enjoyed before - and dressing it up as 'real democracy'.

Therefore, I'd agree with everything that Bob from Brockley says here, apart from where he calls Simon Jenkins a 'liberal twat' (go and read it all though).

Jenkins is not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. I'd argue (indeed, I have done) that he is the most right-wing columnist writing in the mainstream media.

It worries me that no-one else recognises this.

Have I Lost My Damn Mind?

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Shuggy said...

Hmmm - no, you're not at LDM at this stage. Jenkins is a Tory and it's amazing how many people aren't aware of this. He is, however - his Pim Fortyn comments notwithstanding - a fairly liberal Tory.

I'm delighted to learn you are a fellow dog-hater. Further evidence of sanity, in my view. Sharing your house with a canine - complete and utter madness.