Thursday, May 18, 2006

My obituary

From this weeks Local Government Chronicle (not online)

"Decision by petition: Neighbourhoods could win powers to force councils to increase expenditure on local services under new reforms being considered by ministers."
From the Highbury and Islington Bugle and Argus (not online either)

"A large explosion was heard this morning in a Highbury newsagent. Police found a large-nosed corpse and a few gallons of half-digested Guinness spread over a 150 square yards. A singed bundle of newspapers was also recovered. Fortean Times has been notified."

*Regular visitors will understand this post. The rest of you? Carry on with what you were doing.

Update: Just seen this via Cloud: Local election decided by pencil test.


MatGB said...

OK, the LGC, not a publication I'm aware of. Um, reputable?

If so, source? And where do we start writing letters to stop it?

Paulie said...

Local Government Chronicle. One of the two LG trade presses I'm afraid.

And if you want to know where to write to Mat... er ... someone who has been elected would be a good start...

(I know, you knew that already - easy to forget these days, isn't it?)


Andrew Brown said...

Why to spend more, why not better, or less?

Why bother with the rather painful process of putting together a budget at all?