Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eurovision update

(Legal note: Nothing in this post may be construed as any form of approval for Terry Wogan)

In a rare lapse of judgement, Norm thinks that this viewpoint makes him a reactionary. He says that he prefers the old Eurovision 'jury' system to the current phone-poll idiocy.

This is NOT a reactionary view. It is the opposite.

That said, the best way to do it would be for viewers to elect some celebrities to be the judges. Jade and Wayne would get my vote every time.

And while we're on the subject of 'people power', a while ago, Shuggy* had the timerity to question my judgement in the comments. He argued that Simon Jenkins is fairly liberal as Tories go.

I'd suggest that the most effective way to campaign in favour of reactionary policies is to present yourself as a moderate, but to argue for more referendums. Think James Goldsmith here.

So, by this logic, Norm's preference for juries over phone votes makes him positively progressive. Well done Norm!

(*usually one of our brighter bloggers)

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