Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The end of an era

Norman Balon will be ending his tenure at Soho's Coach & Horses next week (22nd May) according to Wikipedia.

This is a shame, but times change. And Norman's retirement won't even come as a releif to any of the legion of Londoners that he has barred from the establishment. I know, because I've been barred twice myself, without ever having a problem getting served within a few days of the fracas in question.

My offence on one of the occasions was to arrive with a head wound, but no permit for it. There was a Poll Tax riot on at the time, so I think he should have made an exception.

But Norman was, it seems, in favour of the Poll Tax (apparently it was fairly kind to dyspeptic pub landlords).


Skuds said...

The end of an era indeed. I have never actually been to the pub in question, but I was fortunate enough to see Peter O'Toole in Jeffrey Barnard is Unwell when it was first produced.

Anonymous said...

I went into the C&H many times in the early 80's when I was working around the corner. Basicaly, I went in to see who this rude man was - and kept going back. The last real pub will soon be revamped as I doubt that Alastair will want the ghost of Norman hanging over him for too long. RIP C&H and thanks for the memories of my adolescence.