Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Embarrassment: New definition

This is the daily diet of the modern journalist:

In the Afghan Parliament, a woman MP - Malalai Joya (pictured) stands up to other MPs who are former warlords and Islamic extremists. A violent scuffle breaks out.

"Moderate MPs had to form a protective ring around Mrs Joya as she was hurried from the chamber. “My supporters heard one MP tell someone to wait by the door and knife me as I walked out,” she said. [...]

Mrs Joya told The Times yesterday: “There are two problems for these people: firstly, that I am a woman and, secondly, that I believe in democracy. They don’t believe in democracy. They don’t believe in women’s rights.”

She went on: “I have lots of threats. I have had people call me to threaten me, and in Kabul have to stay in a different house every night. I don’t feel safe. I’m never scared because I tell the truth and I believe in the truth and in democracy. They can kill me but they cannot kill my voice.”

The episode was another embarrassment for the Western nations who invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taleban regime and install democracy." (my emphasis).

Move over Ghandi, Che and Malcolm X. If I can find anyone with good Photoshop skills and a bit of time on their hands, I'd love to get that quote turned into a T-shirt:
"I am never scared.... they can kill me but they cannot kill my voice."
The journalist concerned is Tim Albone. Tim. You are a wanker. It's the only word that really fits the bill. (Unless it was your sub-editors who added that last sentance)

(via Mick Hartley)


MatGB said...

Agree completely; Iraq was a mess, the biggest problem I had with it was it meant abandoning Afghanistan half done.

Of course it's going to be problematic. But that is also a genius quote. I hope she and her companions can, eventually, win through.

Dr. Nazli said...

I love it! "I am never scared ..." That's fearless!