Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Stan Collymore - another 'croquet' enthusiast?

I'm not sure exactly what 'croquet' is, but I expect it's a euphemism for some disgusting practice or other. Perhaps it's a new type of 'dogging'?

Either way, John Prescott appears to have taken it up. So to speak.

The dirty bastard.

Understandably, everyone wants him to resign because of this. Now, I know that one of the more annoying features of this blog is that I use events to prove how right I was in previous posts, but I'm going to do it again:

A quick quiz for you: Which of the following activities should be followed by instant resignation?
  1. 'Croquet'
  2. Tupping your diary secretary
  3. The revelation that the large department you run has only 59% of it's staff understanding how their work contributes to the department's goals - and only 20% believing that it has effective leadership?
Let me know how your deliberations are going?

1 comment:

spinsterwitch said...

Golly, croquet? Have no clue. You'd think if a euphamism is going to be used, it would be common enough that we would all get it.