Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bleeding obvious

Pope Benedict. He shits in the woods, y'know.

In a similar vein:

"....military intervention is required to stop the killing in Sudan. It seems not to have occurred to the advocates of costless moral action (or costful inaction, e.g the negativist fuckwits with their absurd priorities and barely masked motivations and impulses) that in the case of Darfur and everywhere else, that genocide typically occurs in the context of war, and it takes a war-like application of force to end a war. Genocide is not a disagreement between competing factions - it cannot be mediated away - it is one-sided mass murder.

It's time for us to stop saying "never again," and start saying, "not this time fuckers" and put it into practice."

Any questions?

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Anonymous said...

No answers - hard to say / do = pull the trigger but right. No use using morals when the man in front has a machette - after 30 years wandering the world ... militarily wise - kick arse - big guns - join the real world. As you correctly stated " I aint listening if my gun is bigger than yours!"Why should I"