Monday, May 01, 2006

Ask Eric. Or Edmund.

International law and the UN: responding to Will Hutton on the Euston Manifesto, Eric (and at least the first two of his comments at least) is worth a look.
"...even if one agrees that the war was illegal, it does not follow that such illegality undermines attempts to build a democracy."

"the UN is not a democratic world government working for the citizens of the world. It is an arena in which the nations of the world fight for their interests, much as they fought for their interests before it was formed. This is not to suggest that there is no such thing as international law, but even on that point the UN is a failure when it comes to enforcement, or even basic recognition of trangressions. Darfur, and Rwanda before it, are examples; the interests of nations prevent action."

Read it all. Or ask Edmund, "What's wrong with the UN?"

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