Monday, May 08, 2006

All gone quiet over here

Another year in the Third Division.


... apart from....

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steve p said...

Paul, you should take heart from the fact that Forest are performing a crucial service for real football in England (the sort that isn't determined by the Russian oil mafia, Sky scheduling demands or the prawn bloody cocktail circuit). Every season, one former 'biggie' in the football world has to do its bit for the lower divisions (it's a bit like the upper classes doing VSO). This gives all us supporters of the little teams the chance to have a good laugh at the toffs' expense, and it guarantees at least one half-decent gate in the course of the season.

We will never forget the generosity of the likes of Man City and their fans (who did a double stint in the doldrums a decade ago with 30,000 a game turning out for everything from the Rusty Vans Trophy 1st round to a visit from Grimsby), and the same will be true of Forest in years to come. Actually, I'd got Sheff Wed pencilled in for another turn this time around because they bring more fans to away games, but Forest will do.

Altogether now .... We love Nottingham Forest, We love Man City too, We love Sheffield Wednesday but Chelsea we hate, loathe and fucking despise you ....