Monday, April 24, 2006

What's happening at The Groan?

Wednesday 19th April. The day that the Groan published two op-ed peices that were worth reading: Neal Lawson on class, and Jonathan Freedland on Labour and fundraising. And two days later, Polly Toynbee on wealth and transparency.

And she must be on to something, because even S&M agrees with her. (This is a rarity).

Can someone please explain Polly Toynbee to me? How can one columnist be so spectacularly wrong sometimes and right at other times? It doesn't compute.

Usually, with Groan columnists, the by-line is enough. Read Monbiot's latest? Get stuffed! Madeline Bunting? Well, only if you've got low blood pressure and need it fixing.

But Polly? You have to actually read at least one paragraph of each column before you know whether she is annoying you today. This is not in the spirit of good op-ed journalism.

On reflection, this applies to Jonathan Freedland as well.

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