Monday, April 24, 2006

Troll detected

Following the débâcle at the hands of the Monkey Hangers, there will be no end-of-season projections this week. Seán Og will give you an update if you need one.

But, this regular feature has created this blog's first bona fide troll.

And Camulodonum (in the comments at this post) is more welcome than most trolls because s/he called Forest "a small copse near Leicester."

Not bad, I think you'll agree? Camulodonum's identity? It's the old Roman name for Colchester.

I have a few suspects....


The Blind-Winger Jones said...

I've long since given up on predicting the outcome of your average game of association football, (roundabout 90 years in fact since I died at the Western front) , but if I did I would have a wager on Todmorden Tuesday to win the Northern Counties Magical Realism league at a canter. It grieves me to say so being a Sootfield man, but there you go...

Camulodonum said...

You're thickets on the Trent,
Thickets on the Trent,
Thickets on the Trent,
Just thickets on the Trent.