Friday, April 07, 2006

Spark, Rebus, God and Journalists (spot the odd one out)

I wish I had the wit / talent / time / energy to write a novel. If I did, I'd take Muriel Spark's lovely Momento Mori (a parable that shows how various people respond to the a phone call saying "remember you must die") and update it - instead showing how people respond to the utter bollocks that passes for modern journalism.

The focus would be some feeding frenzy or other that routinely takes hold of Grub Street.

The cast could include a politician, a journalist, a head of some quango or other, a civil servant, and so on. Spark's novels usually had some saintly figure to provide contrast. I don't know who that would be yet. Perhaps I could model this character on my good self?

I've been trying to compose a post for some time arguing that Ian Rankin's 'Inspector Rebus' fulfills this role. I've beleived for some time that Rankin had actually written Rebus inspired by Spark. But I never took the trouble to find proof for this idle speculation.

Then I got hold of the new edition of his first Rebus outing - Knots and Crosses - and in the introduction, me mentions that he'd specialised in Muriel Spark's writing as a student prior to introducing Rebus for the first time.

QED, I think?

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