Monday, April 03, 2006

Promotion inevitability watch - latest

Extrapolating, as I did last week, here goes:

4th: Oldham - 75pts
5th: Colchester - 73-4pts
6th: Swansea - 71-2 pts (but a much better goal difference)
7th: Forest - 71-2 pts
8th: Barnsley - 65-6 pts

A little healthier, I think you'll agree. We're still in 7th, but we're inching towards a couple of them and a few more clubs are getting sucked into our orbit. Particularly Colchester who are now also definitely catchable. And they have to brave the City Ground next Saturday, making that one a six-pointer.

A win next Saturday, and we'll be taking six points of Cardiff next season. Guaranteed.

Funny thing is, even last week, this was intended as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek blog-post about the optimism of a football supporter. But a win at home to Colchester next Saturday will – I think – make us a modestly-priced candidate for a play-off spot. Something that was a certain impossibility as far as I was concerned a month ago.

Update - even more reasons to be cheerful; doing the same exercise with goal difference has Forest improving their total by +12 goals - this could overturn even Swansea's total.

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