Monday, April 17, 2006

In our own hands

If you've come here for an authoritative summary of the first five days play in Euston Manifesto Land, you'll have to wait. There are more important matters to hand:

Following the 2-1 drubbing of Yeovil this afternoon, the final placings (based upon form) are now going to be as follows:

1st: Southend - 82pts
2nd: Colchester - 79pts
3rd: The Tricky Trees - 76pts
4th: Brentford - 74pts
5th: Huddersfield - 74pts
6th: Barnsley - 71pts
7th: Bristol City - 70pts
8th: Swansea - 69pts

While this isn't as optimistic as the last prediction, it has one significant advantage: Our fate is now in our own hands. The so-called 'real league table' (the boring one based on actual performances as opposed to wildly optimistic pipe dreams) now has us inside the top six for the first time in ages. So, while Colchester's win today made the automatic promotion slot less likely, the play-offs are no longer a fantasy. If bookies gave odds on Forest getting a play-off place (none that I've found do) they would now be very short ones.

A few side observations. Brentford's goal difference is slightly better than Huddersfield, but this whole picture will be a bit clearer when Huddersfield play their game-in-hand at home to Chesterfield tomorrow. Oldham - who (if you recall) were the real fly in the ointment four weeks ago have lost their last three games and thereby dropped from view. And Bristol City have dragged themselves into the picture in fine style. Probably too late now, but still, you never know...

But most importantly, you should all note that I am being proved right here. When I started this thread, four weeks ago, a few people (and you know who you are) said that I was plain stupid to think that even a play-off place was a possibility. I alone knew that Forest would have their best-ever run since the glorious 1966-7 season when we were runners-up behind the Best and Charlton Man Utd side.

Oh yes.

Remember this next time you are tempted to question the judgment of NTaH.

Tragically, no-one did so in the comments box, for the record.

Now that there are only three games to go, I think I'll stop this exercise here. The BBC have their nice predictor to take us all through to the end of the season. Hartlepool (a), Bournmouth (h) and Bradford (a) still to go...


david clayton said...

Euston Manifesto still a bit of a joke, but cant resist my prediction/prayer

1 Southend
2 Town
3 Brentford
4 Forest
5 Colchester
6 Barnsley

and Brentford win the play offs cos they is the nastiest!

col said...

"Update 1: Col is keeping May Bank Holiday free for the play-offs. Bless!"

Not only is Col keeping the weekend free, he's even sorted out accomodation.

U reds!!!!!!

Camulodonum said...

You're just a small copse near Leicester!

Mac said...

Selective memory Hippy, and I quote

"The thing is, if they sack Megson, and his replacement doesn’t convert them to attractive or successful football for any period of time (and I’d bet on that as the most likely outcome of any change), you will both not only be wrong – you’ll have been PROVED wrong. Which will be good."

You can't be proved right when you spent most of the season arguing against sacking Megson.

However, if we win promotion I will graciously stop gloating and accept your conversion.

Camulodonum said...

Make that a small hedge near Derby.

Camulodonum said...

Or a grass verge near Grantham.

camulodonum said...

Looks a bit flat now, doesn't it?