Monday, April 10, 2006

Another use for blogging?

Cybersoc on not having your quote used.

Perhaps someone could build a little site so that everyone who is ever phoned for a comment by a newspaper can log their response.

Once, when I was working for an MEP, I was phoned by the Daily Mail and asked for a comment on some peice of Eurobollocks that they'd just made up. I managed to convince them that I was the world's leading expert on the issue they were discussing, and then told them that I'd be happy to give them a comment - on the record.

But I said that I'd only give it them if they'd give me an assurance that they'd print it. They said they would. I would have asked for a faxed letter confirming this, but I knew I wouldn't get it, and that this would lose me the opportunity to say....

"OK. Here's my quote. Your story would only be correct if you added the word 'not' into every sentance."

They didn't print it.

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Anonymous said...

You've misquoted me guv! Robin at ;-)