Monday, March 06, 2006

Where blogging works

Ken the Militant Moderate on politicians and blogging (from observations on the Lib-Dem leadership contest)
"...the British blogosphere is at its best when it is debating policy. It allows the exploration of ideas in much greater depth than that afforded by the broadcast media, and it introduces a vitality into the blogosphere that is greatly needed - especially in a medium that all too often can appear as if it suffers from major groupthink."

"...the question remains as to how candidates might utilise the blogosphere more effectively. My conclusions here are tentative, but I will offer them anyway (did you expect anything else?). Firstly, I think there must be a move away from using campaign websites purely as spinning devices. Voters want a more honest approach to politics - that might mean opening yourself up to some more criticism than otherwise, but blogs are supposed to be interactive in stimulating debate and in having vibrant comment sections. Sterile cheerleading .... is, quite frankly, boring."
(via Mat)

I'd agree with all of this. I'd also add that the blogosphere manages the remarkable achievement of actually being worse than the mainstream media when it's trying to provide early reaction to current affairs or covering political gossip.

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