Friday, March 24, 2006

Unsettling. And settled scores.

Here's one rather worrying unsettled score.

Megson will seem like an ineffectual hippy schoolteacher by comparison.
And on the subject of settling scores, I've always had trouble finding the stats to settle arguments about end-of-season footie league table placings.

But they are now in Wikipedia (probably been there a while, but I found them today) I've had to make a few corrections already though....

And I predict that Forest will hammer Spurs at White Hart Lane in the Premier League in the 2008-9 season...

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col said...

I don't know if you've read Roy Keane's autobiography. If you haven't, you'll need to before making comments on the bloke.

He is clearly nuts.

His commitment to the game, to winning, to being the best he can be is frightening.

He describes crying in the showers after Forest were relegated, angry that others didn't feel the same pain. He describes an incident with Eric Cantona that makes me feel differently about the pair of them and he goes into (far too much) detail of the incident that saw him leave the 2002 World Cup.

His biggest reason for falling out with Mick McCarthy (who shouldn't be allowed to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the vacant Forest position) WASN'T the state of the training facilities before the 2002 World Cup, but the fact that Roy Keane had invited Mick McCarthy round to his house to discuss his concerns, and no-one outside his family gets an invite to his house. Barn-pot.

I don't think he should be Forest manager, and he'll struggle to get any other player at any club to live up to his own standards, but he's certainly a committed player, one way or the other.