Friday, March 10, 2006

Swallowing Sixpences

I’m amazed that no-one else has picked this up - it's been a week now, I'd I almost forgotten that I heard it.

On BBC Radio 4 Question Time last Friday (3rd March - transcript here), when a question was asked about Gordon Brown’s support for ‘votes at 16’ ….. well, read the transcript of Steve Richards' response:

RICHARDS Well I - to address that part of the question - I can exclusively, or almost exclusively, reveal that Gordon Brown himself doesn't support reducing the voting age to 16. A newspaper reported that he did based on something that he didn't write on the Monday. And I saw him on the Monday of this week and interviewed him about it and he told me that that wasn't the case. So there you are that was - for those of you who didn't read that interview, which I did with him in the Independent - Gordon Brown is not in favour at the moment anyway of reducing the voting age.
DIMBLEBY He was very widely reported as so being and you've now said he isn't.
RICHARDS I can assure you ...
DIMBLEBY That he's not.
Now, I hate to say “I told you so***”, but when the report came out, I said:

“I can't remember who it was that said that Harold Wilson could "swallow a sixpence and shit a corkscrew", but it came to mind when I saw Gordon Brown's acceptance - in parts - of the conclusions drawn by the Power Enquiry.”
***This is a lie. I love saying “I told you so.”


MySociety and Open Democracy have provided an online tool that helps you to comment on The Power Enquiry.

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