Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The semantic web

If you're not here looking for blog posts about e-democracy and suchlike, you are probably not from the part of NTaH's readership that would know what the 'Semantic Web' is.

But really, you should. The New Statesman New Media site has a report of a Tim Berners-Lee speech in which he says:

"The whole value-added of the web is serendipitous reuse..."
Again, if you've heard the term 'semantic web' before, this will strike you as a clever (if ungrammatical) thing to say. But if you aren't, it will probably sound a bit pseudy.

My mate Ben reckons that this (old) article is still the best he's seen on the subject. Read it. It's worth knowing about.

(Modesty should forbid me from linking to the New Statesman New Media Awards judging panel, so I won't).


brockway said...

I notice you've gone for the urban, brick wall backdrop. Nice to see punk's not dead.

Nosemonkey said...

Dear God, it's that Jo Twist woman from that talk thing again. Won't she be a bit disappointed when she comes to see the entries and realise that The Lawnmower Man and Johnny Mnemonic aren't yet a reality?