Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The problem, in a nutshell

From Stuart's Soapbox
"Young people in the UK are the most detached from politics with just 23% feeling close to a political party compared to 71% in Italy and 68% in Finland (the two highest). In fact the UK comes off worst on nearly all of the indicators as just 11.3% follow the news on a daily basis compared to 38.4% in Italy.

Everyone who cares about democracy needs to think deeply about this and about what we can do to combat it. The problem with trusting NGOs is that single issue pressure groups are very dangerous as they simplify and distort facts and arguments to suit their case. It is this simplification that is appealing as it is far easier to get a simple message across than it is a complex one. The problem is that these are complex issues that demand complex solutions."

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