Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MoToons latest

Mick Hartley on The Church in Wales and the draft UN report on how the Danish government must take responsibility for the consequences that arise from the anti MoToon demonstrations. That the violent demonstrations have caused any 'Islamophobia' to arise is, it seems, the fault of the Danish government.

"The Danish government’s first reaction – refusing to take an official position on the nature and publication of the cartoons while referring to Freedom of Speech as well as refusing to meet with the ambassadors from the Muslim countries – is symptomatic not only of the political trivialisation of Islamophobia but also, due to its consequences, of the central role those politically responsible have for the national extent and the international consequences in the shape of demonstrations and expressions of Islamophobia."
I can't see how this conclusion can make anyone very happy. While it's obviously unfair on the Danish government, it also suggests that Muslims are an elemental force that are unable to respond to any perceived insult in a reasonable way. That they can't be held responsible for their own actions. It reminds me of the isolationist's objection to interventionism. That 'over there' is 'a hornet's nest', 'best left alone' .... 'a distant land of which we know little'. If we're chucking 'ophobias around, it strikes me as a profoundly xenophobic way of looking at the world.

Now, in law, I understand that a child would be absolved of the consequences of something that they have done. But are we to understand that the UN would like all Muslims to be treated in this way?

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