Thursday, March 23, 2006

Medicine time again

Now I know you're not here to be bored by techie stuff, and I know I did this a few days ago as well, but there really are some developments in the way that information is managed and shared that everyone should know about. Particularly anyone who blogs, or wants to understand how the Internet is going to change the way we get information and interpret it.

Here's someone called Scott Rafer on 'Web 2.0' (with a hefty contribution in the comments from yrs trly).

"In short, XML does the logical thing. It allows programmers to separate information from the way that information isstored and used. Digital music is an appropriate metaphor. When audiocassette recorders became in the 1970s, suddenly you could have your favorite band on-demand in the car and in your Walkman.

With the rise of the MP3 standard, even those limits are erased. Music can be easily stored all over the Internet, moved on and off audio players from hundreds of manufacturers, and syndicated as podcasts. As XML becomes universally applied over the next decade, all digital information and most of the applications that manipulate it become as flexible and transportable as every song on your iPod.

The implications of” XML everywhere” are as tough to grasp here in early 2006 as the implications of music stored on computer hard drives were to grasp a decade ago."

Read the whole thing.

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