Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Designing libraries

I'd suggest that the real value that the burgeoning consultation industry can add to public life is in getting people to have a bigger say in the design of their local services. Don't get the public to set policy by acclaimation. BUT get them to design their schools, their housing, and - as Kevin Harris suggests - their libraries.

Kevin Harris on community involvement and public libraries:
"...people now expect comfort in semi-public and public places and will vote with their feet unless the library offers some other unrivalled attraction for them. But there's a shortage of unique selling points. Wherever they are perceived to have a role - information, entertainment, place, expertise - libraries seem to have a decreased market share. Too few services are working this out, I fear, and their failure to do so continues to jeopardise the public realm."

I knew that I'd return to one of my earliest (unfocussed) blog-posts again. Sometimes, you have to use your blog to set down a marker, think about it, and return to it at a later date.

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