Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Constipators

Ken Livingstone has got right up my nose lately. I voted against a Labour candidate for the first time in my life when I voted (and campaigned) for him as an Independent. If he stands as a Labour candidate next time, I may cast only my second-ever vote against my party.

But, once more, I feel the need to come to The Martyred One's defence. Ken has been reported to The Standards Board again. This time, it is for referring to Robert Tuttle, the US ambassador in London, as a "chiseling little crook".

Now m'learned friends have pointed out that I should make it clear that in no way do I endorse this slur on the pristine reputation of Mr Tuttle. But that's the point, isn't it? If someone were to call me a "chiseling little crook", I'd probably be able to wallpaper the West Wing of NTaH Towers with the proceeds.

Mike Tuffrey, a Lib Dem on the London Assembly has gone one step further. Keeping an elected politican tied up, answering stuppid questions for the worthless Standards Board is not enough. He also wants a two-term limit to be imposed, so that we won't even get the opportunity to vote against Livingstone next time around.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all of these prats who think they've nothing better to do that come up with ways of gagging, regulating or even disenfranchising people who have been elected. There are the army of 'monitoring officers', paid by the public purse to undermine democracy. They think that it's their job to stop Councillors saying practically anything.

And there's the loathsome Standards Board and its despicable adjunct, the Adjudication Panel.

There is also whichever class of bureaucrat who wrote the guidance to David Milliband telling him that he can't even allow other people to make political comments on his blog (never mind that David himself can't say what he thinks on a ministerial blog).

And now there's Mike Tuffrey with his ‘even more smackable than David Cameron’ face.

Comrades! This has to stop! There are some people who are paid to constipate public life. There are others who are prepared to connive in this idiocy to make a cheap short-term point. But we should know them for what they are. They are constipators.

And we will have to deal with them sooner or later. Would for their sake that it happens soon, before the sensible people of this island turn nasty. I hope never to see the day when dozens of bureaucrats can be found hanging from lamp-posts with a huge clay models of an enlarged human stool stuffed into each of their mouths.


Rob Knight said...

I submit that there would not be anything to constipate if Ken Livingstone didn't produce so much shit.

Shuggy said...

when I voted (and campaigned) for him as an Independent.

You didn't! What were you thinking?

MatGB said...

What is that idiot thinking?

Term limits? a Liberal Democrat is proposing term limits?

Lynch him. Ye gods. Have linked here, the man's an arse. Well, on this point at least. Silly fule.

Paulie said...

But can't you see Rob? A lively democracy depends upon politicans being able to talk shit whenver they want - and the rest of us being able to judge them on it.

Gag him like they are doing at the moment, and he'll walk a third election.

Niall said...


Niall said...

Having a face that is even more smackable than David Cameron's is simply not possible. Even unvolved amoeba on Venus want to smack that smug twat. He is the only man on the planet that could lose an election against Gordon Brown. Sometimes I think the Tories must be secretly run by the Labour party. Other than that I agree.