Sunday, March 26, 2006

Buck Owens RIP

Like a lot of people under 42 years of age, I found out about Buck Owens through Dwight Yoakam - who idolised him.

And, it turns out that he was right to do so. In the late 1980s, DY's first two albums rarely left my deck - songs like Little Ways, (a song that lifts loads of Buck's vocal trademarks) and covers 'Smoke Along the Track' and 'Heartaches By the Number' were among the standout tracks.

Yoakam went on to duet with Buck on 'The Streets of Bakersfield' on the Buenas Noches from and Empty Room LP.

For years, I was never that curious about Buck - until I saw Dwight talking about him on a documentary. And it turned out that Dwight owed much of his success to the fact that the world had stupidly forgotten about Buck.

Aidan has a good post with more on Buck here.

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Dave Osler said...

Sadly I'm rather over the age of 42 ... but still found out about Buck Owens through Dwight Yoakam's terrific early albums. Another loss to music fans.