Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More navel gazing about blogging

About 20% of my working day is spent promoting a project that is designed to encourage people (in this case, Councillors) who are not particularly technically inclined to become managers of their own websites.

We could have originally focussed it on getting Councillors to manage their own blogs, but in most cases, the real challenge is to get them to put their toes in the water for the first time.

The reason we're not keen to push them into blogging directly is because weblogs are generally a bit 'vertical' - only the most recent posts attract much passing attention - last week's post is fishwrap, even though it is often fairly timeless in it's composition.

And those Councillors that want to blog, will do so anyway.

Now, 'vertical' isn't an entirely bad thing - creating a pressure to post regularly means that bloggers are sometimes motivated to write high quality stuff (no laughing at the back...), but it's fairly high maintenance. And - when info isn't visited once it's a week old - it is hard to persuade many Councillors that this provides a decent return on investment.

There are, of course, great exceptions. Some bloggers have found ways of future-proofing their copy. Take Geoff's site. I've been a regular visitor there for a while, but - I think - Geoff started off with a website, and then bolted on a blog afterwards.

Aside from his questionable taste in music, Geoff is a true original. If they did an award for London blogging, it would have to be between Geoff and Jag's Route 79 blog that gives you London through someone else's eyes - along with a decent set of recipes.

Pootergeek attempts to rescue stuff from his archives with his 'best of', but I suspect that this is often a chore for him.

Changing the subject, Geoff has a great page on different versions of the London tube map: The newest one on me is the anagram version. I'm not sure that I'm happy having my locale renamed as 'Wifely stench'.

I'm trying to remember which novel is the one with a gay character who has such a horror of .... er.... natural feminine smells .... that he becomes a wildly successful perfumier. It's either 'Kinflicks' or 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues'. Help me out, willya?

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