Monday, February 20, 2006


Bet365's 'Forest Bet' service* is offering odds on who will be the next England / Newcastle managers, but they are silent on the Forest job.

I've heard the following names mentioned in various places

  • Colin Calderwood (Northampton)
  • Nigel Clough
  • Paul Hart
  • Kevin Keegan
  • Brian Laws
  • Paul Merson
  • Graeme Souness
  • Dave Penney (Doncaster)

Ian Holloway has also come up in conversation, but after this, I think he can be ruled out...

Also the message-boards have mentioned (if only to rule out) "ex-managers of Leicester and Derby."

Alex wants Keegan - and I think that Forest fans have always taken a dimmer view of KK than is fair. But, given what was going on at the time, it's hardly suprising.

It's safe to say that Nigel Clough's return to the City Ground would almost certainly end in failure, no matter how well he'd do. Just thinking about it gives me the kind of excited nausea that I used to get on the way to Goose Fair / Ilkeston Fair when I was about eight years old.

Update: Steve Stone backs Forest old-boy (specifically Clough or Laws). I have a distant recollection of Brian Laws saying "I'd crawl over broken glass for the chance of managing Forest."

* I know, I know. It's a syndicated service that isn't run by The Mighty Trees. Interesting, they've got Curbishley as 4/1 second favourite, behind Martin O'Neill for the England job. Big Sam is at 9/2 and Psycho is at 10/1 (behind Peter Taylor!!?!?). Steve Coppell and Trevor Brooking are at 25/1. But aren't they forgetting someone?

Here's a clue:

Update: Totalbet have him at 80/1! I'd have him above Taylor, equal with Pearce and miles ahead of Brooking.


Aidan said...

Clough really has been at Burton a long old time, hasn't he?
I do worry, if he returned to Forest, things would inevitably turn Messiah-Glenn-back-at-Spurs for him... That is, most managers tend to leave a club in 'failure' eventually, anyway - would it reallt be worth it for both sides?
Still - then again - anything must be an improvement right now...
Take no pleasure in such a noted club sinking so low - other than the selfish thought that, with Forest being out of the Premiership, at least that's two nailed-on defeats avoided by Spurs each season for the time being...

Baz said...

The major plus of "our Nigel" coming back is it would take months before we start booing him (whereas it with Megson and pretty much any other manager it takes about twenty three seconds).

Just Jane said...

We have heard the Calderwood rumours too, but to be honest, he is still unproven,and a team like yours needs success.

And I wish you luck whoever gets the job.