Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A pro animal-testing pressure group to even the equation up a bit.

Here is a review of their site from an organisation called 'Speak - the voice for the animals'

"It seems that the latest in a long line of anti-vivisectionist haters has muscled in on the Oxford lab debacle to try to rise above the mediocrity of his worthless, puerile existence in becoming the organiser of a new pro-vivisection lobby called Pro-test.

Sadly – for him, that is, not for us – his ego is seriously over-inflated – ironic, since the only way he appears to be able to get his rocks off is through self-abuse and pornography.

Evidently that which he has little of in the ‘gonad’ department, he makes up for with self-aggrandisement. But perhaps pity should be what we should feel for this sad individual, rather than stoop to personal attacks. He is after all, a child of the system, and as such, loyal to it, without the capacity for a single individually generated thought."

"....rather that stoop to personal attacks"??!!?!

They say "show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are."

Well surely the same goes for "show me your enemies...."?

(via Antonia)

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