Friday, February 03, 2006

Cohen. Steinberg. Behan.

A few years ago, Nick Cohen (a columnist) complained* that there were too many columnists, and that newspapers would be better if they replaced them with reporters.

From memory, Nick peppered his article with acknowledgements that he was the beneficiary of this imbalance. And he is almost the only columnist who is routinely prepared to bite the hand that feeds him in this way.

For this reason, come the glorious day of the revolution, he will be spared the blindfold / last fag treatment.

Here he is, doing it again:

"The iron law of the 21st century was that the more often public figures performed for the media the more the public resented them.

There’s a hypocrisy at work here as the media doesn’t apply the same sneering standards to themselves. When Jeremy Paxman behaves stupidly, the clip isn’t shown thousands of times. When politicians do the same, the incriminating footage follows them to their graves."

*Sorry, I can't find this article now - I just remember it


Apropos of this, the New Statesman bunfight was very good for memorable quotes, even by proxy. I just looked Tom Steinberg up. On his MySociety profile. It says:

"Tom doesn't like… a world in which the likelihood of an issue being acted on depends on how well it flukes a position in the news cycle."

Whereas bloggers, on the other hand, have no such ambitions….
A German ad-agency boss says: (via Norm)
Weblogs: "the toilet walls of the Internet"
Dominic Behan once said:

"A man's ambition must indeed be small
To write his name upon a shithouse wall"

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