Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoons: Islam, anti-semitism and The Left

If there has been a better article written by paid writers in the mainstream media on the Danish cartoons episode and the questions it raises, I'd like to see it.


"a liberal democracy cannot function without allowing for the possibility that what one considers sacred will be profaned."


Shuggy said...

Ooh ta - you do make me blush.

Did you see that thing about the cartoons being published in Al-Fager? And there's lots of people trying to pretend it doesn't matter - surreal.

Anonymous said...

There are sporadic rumours, now for five years, of an Indian Saint living in London. Numerous stories relate to him and the latest from people in Barnet, often at shops and markets, is that he is turned mad. This story comes from no-where and it relates to him in context of the fact he claims that Jesus is not the Son of God. How interesting that he is called so many names at large!? Why does this story exist…?