Monday, January 16, 2006

Bloggers: The Next Generation

Have a quick look (Quicktime) at Steve Jobs' keynote address for the San Francisco Macworld Conference and Expo if you get a moment.

The new i-Life suite looks very interesting - particularly for bloggers. In short, it means that anyone with a half-decent Mac, the latest copy of i-Life, and a broadband connection will be able to produce a fully-featured Podcast in not much more than the time it takes to compose a blog-post.

One interpretation of this, in plain English, is that the barriers to entry in running your own talk-radio station are collapsing as we speak.

Surveys tell us that most bloggers don't post daily with a view to promoting themselves for a career in journalism. I'd suggest, however, that political bloggers are slightly different. Maybe they don't want to earn an op-ed slot in the Telegraph as a result of their endeavours, but the idea of having their own brand of shock-jockery would be an attractive proposition.

I'd suggest that this step could prove particularly attractive to the more successful communal blogs like Slugger, Samizdata, The Sharpener or Harry's Place / Popinjays*

*Try as I might, I can't see why these two don't merge.


Apropos of this, as software goes, i-Life is very swish and lovely in so many ways. Cheaper PCs are a false economy unless you just want to just word-process or play with spreadsheets.

Go on. Go out and get a Mac. And fork out for more RAM than you think you need. You'll use it all. And don't believe them when they say 'ships in two days'. That means 'leaves our factory in Antarctica in two days and arrives at your house about two weeks later'

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