Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A prediction

This probably makes me sound like turned into a fully-fledged Old Git, but W.T.F; I predict this:

Following the Buncefield oil depot fire ...

....Within three months, a pressure group will have been established to support the claims of people who think that the pollution has made them ill. It will have a name and a logo. At least one of the organisers will own a shop that sells vitamin supplements. At least one national environmental pressure group will provide support services.

Within six months, that pressure group will have decided that this illness has a name, or it is a named 'syndrome'. The reason I think the naming of the syndrome will happen after the pressure group is founded is that the organisers know that they will need a publicity 'hook' to keep the momentum going.

Numerous disabilities and possibly a few fatalities will be ascribed to it. None will be proven.

They will make claims of a clear medical link. This link will remain unproven, and it will be treated with loud scepticism by the medical establishment (and the vast majority of qualified doctors).

The pressure group will have lawyers involved and they will demand that public money is spent on an enquiry to establish this link.

A seven-figure sum will be spent, the link will still not be established. They will continue to campaign with increased bitterness and the Daily Mail will support them all the way.

Loads of quack doctors and ambulance chasers will make a killing, and very few people will actually suffer any real lasting harm, apart from the kind of illnesses that usually afflict the suggestible.

And i'll throw at least three wirelesses through closed windows during this time...

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