Thursday, November 03, 2005

Posh People's Disease (continued)

Nick Cohen is bang on the money as usual. Well almost.

In my experience, Kimberly isn't an archetypal posh bird name. It's usually the opposite.

As Nick says...

"Class hatred once provided the “Stop!” signs of the left. If you were
invited to entrust your money or your heart to someone who was rich, you would
know to make an excuse and leave, because tradition ruled that no good could
come of the relationship. The gut reaction was based on three arguments whose
wisdom had been proved by long experience.

1) Economic. Excessive wealth leads its holders to expect to get their own way whatever the rules say and whatever damage is done to others.
2) Political. No just country can be created while extremes of wealth persist. It is wrong to allow the wealthy to believe that the rest of society finds their existence desirable or even tolerable.
3) Aesthetic. The wealthy are vulgar. They waste their money on the art of the Chapman brothers or the fashions of John Galliano and use their domination of taste to silence the little boy who says the emperor has no clothes, or, rather, has gauche and ill-fitting clothes."

So, continuing this blog's 'Best Societies in the World' series, the best societies in the world don't have posh people in them. Or unearned wealth (also see the comments on this post of Shuggy's).

*Update: I've been contacted by someone very well placed to interpret Nick's article. I've been advised to re-read it, and I now see that his point was that Kimberly is a daft name. Not a posh one. Personally, I think that Kimberley is a very good name for a beer....

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