Friday, November 04, 2005

Pools-uh Panel-ah

On the 19th of November, Mark E Smith is (allegedly) stepping into James Alexander Gordon's shoes reading the football results on BBC Radio Five Live.

*lie-dream*: "Chelsea-ah One-uh, Nottingham Forest-ah Four-uh"

*reality* "Nottingham Forest-uh Nil-ah, Southend-ah One-uh"


Anonymous said...


Nottingham-ah Forest-ah 1-ah, Weymouth-ah 1-ah

rockmother said...

Ha ha ha - ah!

Paulie said...

Weymouth. Fucking Weymouth.

I was at the match - our shrunken support on the day gave the Weymouth players a standing ovation - they deserved it.

But, I wonder, is there any previous example of a club of Forest's size and standing having to suffer this amound of humilliation? When I was 14, they embarked on a four-year spree that deserves the title 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'. Now they are at the lowest point in their history.