Monday, November 28, 2005

Navel gazing

Very flattered to be included in Tim Worstall’s ‘Blogged 2005’ anthology.

It’s a very good read. And a fantastic piece of pyramid selling. This explains why it was published before Xmas – every blogger published in it will probably buy half-a-dozen copies as stocking fillers.

Yet, whenever I talk to someone else who runs a blog, I get a puzzling cynicism. Comrade Rubbish says:

“….7 percent of online adults have blogs and 27 percent read them... mostly their own.”

So why do we bother?

Well, I reviewed a 'Five Corners Quintet' gig a while ago, and the band concerned referred to it approvingly. I’ve seen things defined in Wikipedia that were either lifted from articles I’ve written or show evidence that other people believe the same things that I do using the same words.

A while ago, I posted on how the Smoking ban in Ireland was getting smokers laid a lot more. This idea arose on a drunken night with some Dubliner friends, but it seems to have grown legs.

Now, I’m sure this meme didn’t spring from this blog, but it is one of its tributaries.

But most of all, I don’t know what I think until I read what I’ve written. And I write more carefully if I’m writing for an audience. And I'm even more unbearable in the pub now - I've actually got my arguments prepared in advance.

So I’m glad I started this blog, even if you’re not…

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brockway said...

I did an interview with a Welsh porn star for my website and someone translated it into Italian, added some saucier pictures, and put it on their website without asking my permission! Weird thing is - it looks much better in Italian, so I haven't bothered complaining.