Monday, November 28, 2005

Memory Lane

Rullsenberg links to a great guide to The Pride of The Midlands / Cock of The North (note to self; redouble efforts to move back to Nottingham).

The elitism of Selectadisc and The Playhouse Bar of the early 1980s is spot on. I was back at The Playhouse last Saturday (taking the kids to see Jack and the Beanstalk). The Blitz Kids aren’t there any more.

Past glories:great photos – and the original Rock City opening schedule.

The bouncers wouldn’t let me in to the opener Undertones gig – said I didn’t look eighteen (I was sixteen and looked fourteen). They relaxed after the opening night though.



Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Does it help or annoy for me to say I ended up back here by accident? Or at least mostly because I had a PhD "interview" at Reading Uni which resembled a Lacanian analysis session and I was just elated to meet a potential supervising department who conversed with me?!

Oh yeah, and my dad still lived here then...

Baz said...

refused entry to rock city for looking too young?!?

never happened to me!

Paulie said...

I did say it was only the first night. They eased off after that and I got to see some great gigs there while still equally baby-faced.

By the way, everybody, check out Baz's blog: