Thursday, November 17, 2005

French rigidity, Italian corruption, British probity...

.... all bad things.

Samizdata found this in either Time or Newsweek (not clear which)

“An Italian analyst argued that riots were far less likely to occur in Italy as the country was too corrupt and everyone was working in the black economy. Whereas the French state prevented immigrants from making any money at all and destroyed their aspirations, Italian graft was far more amenable to the hard graft of immigrants.”

The comments on the site bring the subject home to the UK to discuss whether British officialdom’s reputation for probity is a good thing.

Henry says:“I don't think every single state employee is trying to swindle me out of the services I've paid for with my taxes, but the system does nothing to weed out inefficiency and obstructionism.”

I expect that we all pay for Italian corruption though...

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