Thursday, November 24, 2005


For Nutty Boys and Modettes everywhere:

"She's gorgeous now," says Lee of his now grown-up niece. "Intelligent, attractive, you wouldn't want to change a thing."


rockmother said...

I found that a bit of an odd comment and felt rather sorry for his niece. As if she wasn't always gorgeous but is now seeing that being mixed race is now socially acceptable. He could have chosen his words a bit better.

Duck said...

Didn't SEE the beautiful lady in the post , much to my dismay... :-(

Ivan said...

My older sister is half Lebanese, half english (don't ask). She always took a lot of shit growing up in Tunbridge Wells. She got called 'half-caste' and worse a lot. But I always knew she was more amazing by far than anyone else in town. Reading this article gave me me insight into her life and what her mother must have gone through. She's still my big sis and she still drives me mad and she's still amazing - but she lives in Canada now after a lifetime of wandering.