Wednesday, October 19, 2005


In the mid-19th Century, a huge cemetery was established in Woking to take the manifold corpses of London. It even had its own grisly transport scheme - the 'Necropolis railway' with its own terminus near Waterloo. Here's what Google found on this.

So why mention this today? Well, as a measure of my own shallowness. Some people call particular wars, genocides or disasters 'the lowest point in history.'

I have a different candidate. Last night, I resisted the temptation to jump aboard the Necropolis line to witness the lowest point in the history of one great institution.

I'm glad I did.

Brian (peace and blessings be upon Him) thought that minor cups were as important as the big ones for a ambitious clubs. He claimed that the Anglo Scottish Cup taught Forest how to win things.

Megson may have only put out a reserve team (a spit in the eye to Woking that they paid back in full), but in doing so, he set them up to be losers. This is not the kind of motivation that a side on its uppers needs. It may have worked at West Brom, but Forest are too slap-happy for that kind of treatment at the moment.

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