Friday, October 21, 2005

London venues

The forthcoming London Jazz Festival looks as appetising as usual (on paper). The McCoy Tyner Trio and Bill Frisell are both playing the Barbican.

Archie Shepp and The Branford Marsalis Quartied (performing a set entitled 'A Love Supreme') are both playing the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The brochure I've been given omits the ticket prices. Poor communication - or embarrassment? You decide.

I'm sure that the musicians will all put everything they've got into their performances. But both of those venues will suck the life and soul their respective shows.

Shame, really. I'd love to see all of these acts. But not this time.


rockmother said...

Yeah - I know what you mean - I'd rather see them at the Bulls Head or 100 Club!!

rockmother said...

And....I have to say I've seen quite a few bands at both the Barbican and QEH over the years and it really makes for a bland, inhibitive evening. Never really enjoyed gigs there - or 'concerts' as they are defined in the listings! You always feel so removed from the performance. A shame.