Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bring back National Service

I've commented before (here) that far-left politics has always provided a steady supply of fresh attractive females for sweaty old blokes. For some reason, presentable young women are strangely attracted to men who talk bollocks.

Well, Leninist bollocks anyway :-(

The new postgraduate course in political activism should make a good few old men very happy then.

Satire may have died, but at least we have blogs with comments boxes. The comments on Harry's Place about this are worth printing off and reading on the bus.

If anyone wants to set up a 'Pressure Group Watch' blog, please PLEASE contact me. I'll help.

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Paulie said...

Update: If Paul Anderson is to believed, most of the sweaty old blokes that the bright young things were shagging turned out to be Spooks.