Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bluey-green shoots

In the Labour Party - when I first joined (early 1980s) - there was a growing realisation that Leninist 'entrists' needed to be thrown out if we were ever going to win an election.

A large slice of the Party, at the time, were worried that doing this would lose us our activist base. Tony Benn even thought it would lose us votes (the prick).

The Daily Mail has the same role within Conservatism as Militant had in the Labour Party. I don't know if David Cameron as fallen out with the Mail because of the hounding he's had over drugs - of if the hounding is because the Mail believes that he has a disdain for the rag. But either way, a Cameron-led Tory party that has no gravitational pull from the Daily Hell can only be good news for the residual Conservative factions that actually want to win elections.

It's bad news for Labour as well.

The other bit of (good for them / bad for us) news is the reasonably sensible position that the Tories appear to be taking within the Local Government Association (which they now control).

Apparently, their line is that local government 'should do less, but do it better.' This view could easily be extrapolated into a solid political position. If they take the line that they are not opposed to tax-and-spend policies per se (and therefore not expose themselves to Labour attacks along these lines), but that they just think that our civil service aren't very good at spending taxpayers money sensibly, then they could be in a winner.

They'd certainly be making a fair point.

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