Monday, September 26, 2005

Repeat linking.

I've linked to these in the past, but they deserve regular reminders.
  1. Some bloggers can write. Some have the material. 'Random Acts of Reality' has both. Especially this post.
  2. Going on a long train journey? Want to piss yourself laughing all the way? Then print off the entire Religious Policeman blog and pop it in your bag.
Other stuff:
The Religious Policeman would probably enjoy this: The electric guitar is un-Islamic.

Punks in Hijabs - an antidote to both the self hatred of some lefty columnists - and some of our more hysterical denunciations of multiculturalism. (via Norm again).

Hadil's not much more than a snotty teenager really. I hope she grows out of it soon though.

And finally....

Fear-driven research on Black Triangle. Have a look.

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