Friday, September 30, 2005

Hit parade

A while ago, a 20th Century history programme on TV mentioned somewhere (can’t remember where) that the army were able to round up Communists for execution because they’d all worn a particular neckerchief during an attempted uprising.

The dye had run and you were toast if they found a red smear on your neck.

When I come to power, convictions will be just as simple because suspects will refer to the worst album ever released simply as ‘Exile’.

‘Exile on Main Street’ sounds like what happens when you invite a bunch of amateur musicians around to your next door neighbour’s house to jam over the worst songs you’ve ever heard. And then you record them through the wall.

And because it isn’t included, I’ll be boycotting BBC 6Music’s ‘Most Overrated Album’ poll.

All units have been instructed accordingly.

Note: ‘Dark Side’…. isn’t on there either. It gets worse.

(the poll ends tomorrow afternoon)


brockway said...

The notion of a classic pop record is a contradiction in terms. Pop music is by definition ephemeral and consequently the appeal of all albums is fleeting. If you're still listening to your old records then it's probably because you're a nostalgist.

That said, I could never understand the critical bouquets tossed at that first Stone Roses album. It's OK but nothing special and sounds even more insipid today.

Andrew Brown said...

Does anyone rate Dark Side anymore?