Friday, September 23, 2005

Guilty desires, revisionism, sectarianism, Shakespearianism.

A few diverse things today:

  1. Thought was needed. Here is the delayed response to Pootergeek's challenge: Weirdly hot: Kirsty Wark and her sticky-out ears. Or Victoria Beckham - anyone that gossip columnists are so spiteful about just needs some lovin'. Strangely not: Norah Jones. Come the glorious day, she gets the blindfold / last fag treatment along with James Blunt, Jamie Cullum and Pink Floyd.
  2. Democratiya - – have a look and tell your people (via Hak Mao)
  3. Comrades Reunited – Deaglan calls them old farts. Very harsh, Deaglan. Harsh, but probably fair.
  4. Today’s Independent (my newsagent had sold out of my usual choice of papers – honest!). How’s this for unequivocal? It’s either a fabulous book or an over-egged review.

“You will not find a better book on Shakespeare. Peter Ackroyd, one of the wonders of the scholarly world, has done it again. Our greatest biographer has once more put the academics to shame. You might have thought it impossible to write a book on Shakespeare that did more than repeat what we already knew. Ackroyd does not have any rabbits to produce from the hat - Shakespeare does not turn out to be a woman or an Arab - but this is the first really plausible account that situates our greatest writer in his time and place.

Were this the product of a lifetime of scholarship one would still be astonished by the reach of its historical knowledge and the depth of its literary understanding. But Ackroyd has not spent his life as a Shakespearean scholar…….”

Read the rest (you might need a subscription once it’s a few days old though?)

That should be enough to be going on with.

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