Friday, September 23, 2005


I can't believe that I missed His anniversary on Wednesday. The other day, I remembered a joke that everyone had heard about thirty years ago - one that, for some reason, no-one told when He died. It went something like this:

BC dies. He arrives at the pearly gates, and is rapidly brought to judgement.

God: Well Brian, I'm glad you're here because I need some advice from you....
BC: Sorry son, I didn't catch your name, but I think that's my chair you're sitting in.

He always used to tell His players to "love the ball - treat it as a friend." I went up to see Forest beat Rotherham last weekend (and we followed it up with another home win on Wednesday against Bristol City). An end to the tide of defeats is good. A few wins will help build confidence.

But Forest look like a team that have been bollocked solidly for the last six months. I've never seen so many thoughtless and hasty clearances. No-one wanted the ball.

Sgt Major Megson could benefit from a bit of bedtime reading.

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Laban said...

I can just see him pacing the touchline, screaming at the players with 5 minutes to go.

As I posted about the Baggies 1-5 home defeat by Liverpool last year "if Megson had still been manager they'd have been too scared to come off the pitch at half-time"

But I liked the guy and his sides always gave 100%, even if that was fear-induced. His father Don was a decent player too.