Monday, September 19, 2005


They've postponed the e-voting trials again. (I know - I'm a bit late noticing this one...)

They should seize the moment and scrap the whole idea.

It's a complete waste of money. It will have a marginal impact on take-up - and even if it does, I don't want the deciding factor in any election to be the handful of people who are too indolent to get off their arses* and walk down to the polling booth.

This is another example of politicians not knowing what they're for. And politicians being hoodwinked into more job-creation schemes for civil servants.

(*People unable to get to polling booths are catered for already by postal voting. All of the major parties will be happy to offer a lift to anyone who forgets to register for this in time. So don't give me any bollocks about e-voting enfranchising anyone).

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