Monday, August 01, 2005

Under arrest in Italy

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes looking at the way Italians turn every act of political violence into an inpenetrable web of conspiracy will be sceptical of this.

I've no idea whether Osman Hussain (also known as Hamdi Isaac) is really linked to any terrorist group, but an Italian copper's opinion that he isn't adds nothing to our knowledge. This is a country where lawyers can have the audacity to claim that someone who carried a rucksack full of explosives onto a train is a 'pacifist' who 'intended no harm to anyone.'

Don't just take it from me. Ask Tobias Jones what he thinks.

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Ivan said...

Someone in the Guardian today asking whether it was appropriate for the lawyer for a (possible) fundamentalist Islamic ist er suspect to go visit him wearing a low cut outfit with her undervest showing. I'd say - in Italy, it is.