Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sickness statistics

Let's Be Sensible on the perceived risk of sickness.

I'm always a bit puzzled why Spiked - which is quite transfixed by the way that a misunderstanding of risk effects public policy - never draws the conclusion that most of the distortion can be blamed on the way the media report statistics?

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David Duff said...

I beg to differ, whilst admitting that the media does distort to a degree. However, it is their unacustomed habit of ingratiating obeisance to any old expert with superficial scientific qualifications that is their main weakness. Cynical hacks, who would shred a minister of the Crown in minutes, take titbits of information from 'scientists' like so many poodles. I realise, of course, that it stems from their own total ignorance of science and its methodology. Thank God for the internet where we stand a chance of getting some sensible advice.