Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rhyming slang / Turkey Twizzlers

Apropos of nothing, Inspector Sands over at Casino Avenue notices an example of rhyming slang that I’m amazed had escaped me. Also, any obscure profanities that rhyme with Jamie Cullum will be gratefully received.

On a different matter, Julie Burchill (peace and blessings be upon her) says;

“The idea that all that is stopping working-class children from achieving is that their dumb working-class parents are stuffing them with Turkey Twizzlers - rather than the whole rotten system of class, privilege and nepotism - is a sickening and dangerous lie.”

For more, see the Popinjays back Burchill.

On that subject, a snooty neighbour told me a few weeks ago that it was disgusting the way that some people allow children to eat a meal that is different to the one the adults in their house are having. Too right! If I’m having Chicken Nuggets, my kids can damn well have Chicken Nuggets as well.

Blogger spellcheck update: Burchill = Broccoli.

Surely some mistake?

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